Democrats Desecrate Gadsden Flag – ‘Don’t Tread on my ObamaCare’

With 10 days until Obamacare sign-up deadline before (some) will incur a fine, Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi has taken to promoting a desecrated version of the Gadsden flag that reads, “Don’t Tread on my ObamaCare.”


How about Don’t Tread on My Constitution!

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Wasserman Schultz strikes again: “We own the economy,”

She’s not backing down. Let the Republican National Committee poke all the fun it wants, Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz stands by what she said: The nation is in an economic turnaround and Democrats deserve the credit.

“We own the economy. We own the beginning of the turnaround and we want to make sure that we continue that pace of recovery, not go back to the policies of the past under the Bush administration that put us in the ditch in the first place,” Wasserman Schultz told Mike Allen at a breakfast hosted by POLITICO’s Playbook.

The economy, she said, “has turned around” since President Obama took office, with steady job growth evident even if the pace leaves something to be desired.

The facts highlighted in the RNC’s most recent video deserve review: 9.1 percent unemployment. More than 6 million foreclosures. About 1 million construction jobs lost. Some 865,000 manufacturing jobs lost. An enormous $3.7 trillion added to the national debt. Three straight record high deficits. Strange equation for an economic turnaround!

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Wisconsin Lawmakers Fugitives from Democracy Flee state

Wisconsin state Senate Democrats boycotting a vote on a plan to curb the union rights of public employees left the state on Thursday in an attempt to force majority Republicans to negotiate a compromise, an online political news service said.

Democrat Sen. Jon Erpenbach told WisPolitics that he believed all 14 Senate Democrats were out of the state by early Thursday afternoon. There are 19 Senate Republicans, and a quorum of 20 is needed to vote on the issue.

Erpenbach would not disclose where he was or how many of the Democratic senators were with him.

“We were left with no choice,” Erpenbach said. Erpenbach would not say how long they were prepared to remain outside Wisconsin.

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Governor Walker released the following statement:

Out of respect for the institution of the Legislature and the democratic process, I am calling on Senate Democrats to show up to work today, debate legislation and cast their vote. Their actions by leaving the state and hiding from voting are disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of public employees who showed up to work today and the millions of taxpayers they represent.

via Walker Calls Democrat Legislators Back Into State.

via Wisconsin Democrats Fugitives from Democracy Flee state | Iron Mill News Service.

Who to blame for a U.S. government shutdown? Both Agree, Blame the Other Party

Never mind that it hasn’t happened yet. Lawmakers want to make sure everyone knows who is responsible if  it does.

If  the  U.S. Congress deadlocks over spending for the rest of this fiscal year and forces a shutdown of government services when the money runs out on March 4, who will be to blame?

Democrats and Republicans may not agree on much, but they do agree on one thing – if the government shuts down it will be the other party’s fault.

The two sides have been going back and forth on the possibility of a government shut down for weeks. House Speaker John Boehner opened up a fresh round of the blame game on Thursday.

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The GOP to pass Patriot Act Extension like the Democrats

Republicans will tell you that the 2010 election was a referendum on the Democrats and they way they pushed through bills in the House and Senate like a Freight train.  The GOP complained that the Democrats pushed bills with little debate, no allowance for Amendments, and late night votes.

This same party, who said they would restore the process to the people are now going to push through the Patriot Act Extensions bill in much the same way as they had complained about the Pelosi run House.

The Bill will have one hour of debate, no amendments, and will be voted on late in the evening when less eyes are on CSPAN.

I know, the Patriot Act sounds so Patriotic.  Let me help you out a bit, whatever a bill is titled, you can count on it being quite the opposite.  Anyone remember the “Jobs” Bill?

This from The Hill

House Republicans are poised to pass an extension of the Patriot Act on Monday evening after a procedural snafu sent the measure down to defeat last week.

Republicans will meet at noon and begin debate at 2 p.m. on an extension of Patriot Act surveillance. A vote on the extension is expected Monday evening.

The measure was defeated last week when Republican leadership attempted to force it through on a fast-track procedure that required a two-thirds majority. Monday evening’s vote will require only a simply majority and is almost certain to pass.

via House set to pass Patriot Act extension on second try – The Hill’s Floor Action.

What is in the Patriot Act extension bill?

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Democrats Launch Ad Blitz to “Target” 19 Republicans

Thats right, the DNC said “Target”.  Here is a fine example of  Democrats, elitist as they are, expect a different set of standards for Republicans than for  themselves.  Their rationale?  Democrats don’t kill people because of a campaign ad or an article and certainly  don’t equate the word “Target” with guns.  Only a right wing nut job would do that.  Like  Jared Loughner  as we all know, no matter what the evidence says, was a  Right Wing Tea Party nut job that took his marching orders right from the Republican National Committee

In case there was any doubt that the 2012 campaign season is well under way, House Democrats on Monday launched a week-long ad blitz targeting 19 Republicans facing reelection next year. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said the ads — 17 on radio and two in print — will hold the GOP lawmakers “accountable for choosing a partisan plan that will cost jobs and make America less competitive.” The media campaign is part of the DCCC’s “Drive to 25″ grassroots endeavor that will also include web ads, phone calls, and emails in via House Democrats Launch Ad Blitz Against 19 Republicans.

Who is on the “Target” List?

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