CNN Scores Mike Rowe to compete with Fox News Megyn Kelly

Rowe_kellyMike Rowe’s new series Somebody’s Gotta Do It brings viewers face to face with men and women who march to the beat of a different drum. In each episode, Rowe visits unique individuals and joins them in their respective undertakings, paying tribute to innovators, do-gooders, entrepreneurs, collectors, fanatics – people who simply have to do it. This show is about passion, purpose, and occasionally, hobbies that get a little out of hand. (Produced by Pilgrim Studios)

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Hillary Clinton: “I take responsibility” for Benghazi


Clinton Camp told to portray Obama as foreigner

Clinton Camp told to portray Obama as foreigner

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the bucks stops with her when it comes to who is blame for a deadly assault on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

“I take responsibility” for what happened on September 11

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Politisite Political Buzz – #iowadebate

Politisite Political Buzz

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Rick Santorum to participate in the Tea Presidential Debate on Twitter


Verona, PA – Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) will take part a presidential debate hosted by The Tea this Wednesday, July 20th at 3pm ET. The debate will be co-hosted by S.E. Cupp and Rusty Humphries and will cover topics ranging from the national debt to U.S. foreign policy.

What:                  The Tea Presidential Debate on Twitter


When:                  Wednesday, July 20th

                               3:00pm ET

To learn more about former Senator Rick Santorum, please visit


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Haley locks down Facebook

Remember way back when — maybe a few months ago — when you could go on Facebook and look for a picture of Gov. Nikki Haley from a recent event? Maybe you needed an image that hasn’t been run thousands of times in the past few years. Regardless of your motivation, you could sift through what Haley, her staffers and the general public tagged her in.

That was then, and this is now.

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Source: Weiner to Resign by Thursday. Other Reports Democrat colleagues urging Weiner to resign ‘to preserve his own dignity’ 

Politisite is hearing  one source close to the Congressman  that  Weiner will resign by the end of the day or early Thursday.

Marist poll  – Weiners own constituents say he should  not resign by a  slim majority.

CNN is reporting that Privately colleagues are recommending that he resign quickly.

It was reported  that Weiners wife, Huma Abedin, is Pregnant adding to the family stress level.  Ironically Huma is with Secretary of State Clinton on Business who can probably help console Adedin during this time.

Democrat colleagues urging Weiner to resign ‘to preserve his own dignity’

A Democratic lawmaker familiar with discussions with and about Anthony Weiner tells CNN that Weiner’s colleagues are telling him this afternoon he should resign “to preserve his own dignity.”

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The “Other” War in Libya – Fox Steve Harrigan and CNN’s Nic Robertson

or When correspondents attack!


The Other War in Libya CNN and Fox

There is more than one scuffle going on in Libya.   We reported Fox News said that Libya officials were using Journalists, including CNN Nic Robertson, as Human Shields to protect Qaddafi compound by having them bused to sensitive areas.  Fox reported that a strike had to be called off because Journalist were at one of the targets.  Robertson fired back and said the reporter, Harrigan, who said that stays in his hotel room and never leave his safe environment. Today Harrigan went on the attack and said CNN War Correspondent Robertson  has a screw loose.

Iron Mill News Service respects both reporters, but we couldn’t resist reporting the “Other War” in Libya.

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