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Iron Mill News Service

* Industry: Publishing
* Occupation: Iron Mill Interactive Media Inc, Editor: Politisite.com, Iron Mill News Service, and Nascanner.com
* Location: Columbia : South Carolina : United States

I am the founder of Iron Mill Interactive Media, Inc. parent of Politisite and Iron Mill News Service. I am a member of the Atlanta Press Club. I have been credentialed by CNN, NBC, and Fox for Presidential Debates, Conventions, and Political Events. I am a former Public Relations Chairman for the Columbia County Republican Party in Georgia. I was a radio talk show host as well.

I am a veteran of the US Army Medical Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry in Augusta Georgia. My research on seasonal depression and Melatonin is found In January-February 1994 issue of Arctic Medical Research. You may also find my work in 8 books, 3 text books, and over 200 journal articles.

I have extensive Satellite equipment including, Three C-band Ku-Band dishes that receive in analog, DVB Mpeg2 and DCII formats. I am a news and political junkie. I enjoy watching things as they Happen from SNG trucks and Helicopters without the commentary from the talking heads.


* Lighthouse vacations
* Metal Detecting
* Ham Radio Call sign is AL7KT

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