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New Game: America 2012; Rated M For Everyone

Welcome to America, we’ve got fun and games, and everyone is encouraged to play. As news networks and left wing nuts continue their predictable assault on the 2nd Amendment, the real problems, the problems of a culture that has morphed into a society of sex, drugs, and violence, continue to go on unnoticed.

Please proceed to turn on your television; however, don’t get frustrated, there are only three types of programming available. First off, we have coverage of 26 innocent people being laid to rest, interspersed with clueless reporters repeatedly asking “why, why, why?” Sadly, these puppets are looking for crime and motives in every place but one: the mirror.

No wonder why so many parts of the world despise us; our news programs are hosting a parade of “mental wackos,” trying to determine the psychological deficiencies of Adam Lanza. There is no way we could ever say evil was rooted in this creature, could we? Heck, he only looked right into the eyes of 20 little children and shot them to pieces.

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