Big Bird slams Obama attack ad, I am nonpartisan!

By Albert N. Milliron

President Obama has used Sesame Workshop character ‘Big Bird’ in a New ad attacking Mitt Romney without permission.  We guess in Obama’s world, when you receive government subsidies, along with 1 million dollars in stimulus money, he owns you to do what ever he wills.  So Big Bird is part of the collective.  But Big Bird says He/She is nonpartisan and has requested that the Obama campaign remove the Ad.

Again in Obama’s world, he doesn’t believe that he should pay royalties to use a likeness of Big Bird and voice to do his bidding.  That is the socialist point of view and it should be instructive… You didn’t build Sesame Street!  Somebody else made that happen!

As it stands right now, the Obama campaign has not removed the advertisement.

Read the rest and see the video at  Big Bird slams Obama ad, I am nonpartisan! Sesame Workshop: Take Big Bird ad down | Politisite.


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