Illegal Immigrants get Amnesty for Being Gay? Does that Make you happy?

Last Friday, President Obama announced that the Department of Homeland Security will now review deportations on a case-by-case basis. This will offer reprieve to over 300,000 illegal immigrants in the country.

Married couple Peter Gee and Raul Sinense seen here are one of the first in the nation to benefit from a new Obama administration deportation policy Media Credit: Anda Chu/Staff

These cases will be closed and deportation proceedings will halt. The people who once faced deportation will be allowed to apply for work permits. Obtaining visas is a long and difficult process even with the help of an immigration attorney; so many people choose to enter the US illegally. Until the policy change, non-criminal immigrants faced the possibility or being sent back to their native countries.

One of the first people to benefit from this new policy was Alex Benshomal, a gay man married to an American citizen, David Gentry. The couple married in Connecticut, where same-sex marriage is legal. They have been tied up in a San Francisco immigration court fighting Benshomal’s deportation with the help of a highly-skilled immigration lawyer. A judge postponed his deportation hearing until 2013, but the shift in policy will see that his case is closed.

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