Support the Wisconsin state GOP senators under recall

Six state Republican senators in Wisconsin face recall next week on August 9 for standing with fiscal reformer GOP Gov. Scott Walker in his fight against Big Labor.

Progressives have been pouring national money into the recall races while bashing conservative groups for doing the same.

Frontline Wisconsin is leading the defense of the Wisconsin GOP 6.

Tea Party activists on the ground and bloggers on the right are spreading the word to support the GOP targets.

Bus tour schedule is here for those in Wisconsin.

These are the 6 GOP state senators who need your help, prayers, and support:

Senator Robert Cowles (R)

Senator Alberta Darling (R)

Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R)

Senator Randy Hopper (R)

Senator Dan Kapanke (R)

Senator Luther Olsen (R)

Round-ups: Nice Deb, Joy McCann, Legal Insurrection, John Gizzi.

Updates on the Tea Party tour and counter-protests today: Third Wave Dave.

MacIver Institute is on top of all late-breaking developments — flagging potential voter fraud and keeping an eye on student ballots.

The key is turnout — something both sides are worried about in this unprecedented election.

Here’s what the Left is saying:

via Michelle Malkin » Support the Wisconsin state GOP senators.


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