Don’t Cut off my Social Security! Dead woman was receiving Social Security for years

Here is one of this sites issue for years.  While the Democratic party stands in the way of any adjustments to Social Security and medicare, it is full of waste and abuse.  The Federal Government could resolve a good deal of the problem by having employees get paid for finding Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.  But the feds continue to announce to agencies when they come for inspections.  Folks know how to clean-up enough to fool the inspectors and your tax money continues to go down the drain.

In this case, a woman had been dead so long, her remains have become mummified.  Someone was cashing her checks, but I did see anything in the story where an arrest was made.

The problem with social programs at the Federal level is that they can’t make a visit to check on Grandma and see how she is doing.  The left continues to complain that the GOP doesn’t care, but reality is that the GOP cares enough about Social Security that they want Fraud, waste, and abuse prosecuted so those who are supposed to received benefits do.

The left stands in the way, while this type of fraud continues.  I guess they are worried about the next election not your money.  So who is really hurting the middle class?

A woman whose mummified remains were found earlier this year in the Jennings home she had shared with her daughter had been receiving Social Security benefits, the agency confirmed Monday.

“A search of our records shows that Ms. (Gladys) Stansbury was in payment status until February 2011,” Mona Finch, the division director of the Office of Privacy and Disclosure at the Social Security Administration’s Washington offices, said in an email.

Authorities have said it is unclear when Stansbury died. Relatives and friends said they lost contact with her after she moved to Jennings in 1993. She was last seen alive in 1994.

via Don’t Cut off my Social Security! Dead woman was receiving Social Security for years | Iron Mill News Service.


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