The Tea Party Hobbit return to Middle earth, Bizzaros, and the Lord of TARP

How do I know work is getting done in Washington?  The Posturing attacks, and peculiar rhetoric and Metaphors prevail.  It is a sad way to gauge whether folks on the Hill are hard at work but it is a good an indicator as any.  One can always expect to see Senator Chuck Schumer taking smack on some open mike or camera, but when other Senators start in with the political theater a massive compromise bill is sure to follow.

One such Senator is John McCain (R-AZ). When he starts in with the Maverick talk and his proud record it is like something from the Movie  ‘Ground Hog Day’ You know he is about to slap you upside the head when he calls you “”friend” more then once in a sentence.  One such event occurred the other day when McCain called Teaparty conservatives, reluctant to increase the debt ceiling,  “tea party hobbits” and accused them of effectively reelecting Barack Obama if they reject the House Republican plan.  He called the Freshmen Congressman, “Bizzaros”.  It made a true conservative want to run and return to “Middle Earth” .  Former Senate Candidate came out and checked McCain and called him the “Lord of the TARP” as he has shown some Bizzarro behavior by voting for bailouts when acting as a Budget Hawk.

Read more The Tea Party Hobbit return to Middle earth, Bizzaros, and the Lord of TARP | Politisite.


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