Police Beat Homeless Fullerton Man Kelly Thomas To Death 

The editor was horrified by this photo of a beaten homeless man.  There is an investigation in progress, but as a former mental health therapist, police often times are unaware how to handle mentally ill patients and see them as  resisting or combative.  Many police department have mental health response teams and have specific training on identifying mentally ill subjects and how to engage them.  The violence rate among mentally ill persons is lower than the population as a whole.  The Photo is extremely graphic, but if it will shed some light on the issue and compel individuals to make sure police officers are trained and treat the mentally ill with respect and care, it would be worth one viewing the photo

A video has surfaced that documents Fullerton police beating a homeless man near the Fullerton Bus Depot in early July, reports Gawker. The video above does not show much of the fight, but you can hear a man’s screams and people talking about a Taser. The man being beaten also cries out for his father.

On July 5, Fullerton police received reports of someone breaking into cars in the area around the bus depot, according to the LA Times. Police subsequently tried to arrest 37-year-old transient Kelly Thomas on suspicion of possessing the stolen items.

When Thomas resisted, it took several minutes for him to be subdued. Sgt. Andrew Goodrich told the OC Register that it took “an upwards of five, maybe six officers to subdue him.”

ABC says that Thomas was unarmed during the incident. Thomas sustained severe injuries to the head and neck, as evidenced in the photo here (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC). He was hospitalized at UCI Medical Center, when he fell into a coma and died less than a week later.

Please read the rest of the story at a Police Beat Homeless Fullerton Man Kelly Thomas To Death.

via Police Beat Homeless Fullerton Man Kelly Thomas To Death | Iron Mill News Service.


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