One letter mistake by NBC owned @BreakingNews Sparks speculation on what Obama would say during his ‘Personal’ statement on Monday

No President obama is NOT stepping down from office.  Nor is he not seeking a second term for office.  The White House put out its daily schedule and it said, ” THE PRESIDENT makes a personnel announcement”.  But the Twitter account @breakingNews tweeted that, “the President will make a personal announcement”.   Politisite posts the White House schedule each day and was used to correct many on Twitter who were either elated or worried about what the President would say.

Alas, President Obama has nothing personal to tell America in the Rose Garden tomorrow, though many on Twitter suddenly believed so for about an hour or so today.

@BreakingNews, a self-explanatory Twitter feed owned by NBC News (with over 2.7 million followers), announced at around 6:15 PM today that the President would be making a “personal announcement” tomorrow afternoon.

We can confirm that no, there is no drama in the White House to which we shall be privy– it is a personnel announcement that the President will deliver tomorrow.

The White House announced earlier today that former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray would take the helm at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A few hours later, @BreakingNews announced that the President would also be making a “personal” announcement.

Read more at  Mediaite.

via  Politisite.


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