Active-duty troops to march in gay pride parade

I seem to remember that as a Soldier our behavior on and off duty was to reflect well on the United States and the US Military.  While marching in a parade is not an issue in itself, it is how gay pride parades seem to end up, displaying objectionable behavior and nudity in the faces of passers-by.

Ones sexuality should be a private issue and everyone by Gay folks seem to understand this.  Next Gays will ask for alterations to the military uniform,  and oh those shoes!

As the U.S. military inches toward the end of its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, hundreds of service members — both gay and straight — plan to march as a group in San Diego’s gay Pride Parade on Saturday.

It’s the first time the parade has included an active-duty military contingent, organizers say. They also think it’s a first for any gay pride parade in the nation.

via Active-duty troops to march in gay pride parade | Politisite.


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