The Paul Ryan budget gets 40 more votes than the Obama budget

The Democrats have not passed a budget since they took over both houses of Congress in 2007. The political stratagy is to demionize the Republicans for trying to fix the fical problems in the United States while the Democrats are sitting back hoping that no one will notice that they are doing zip for the American people.

One by one they walk out and do the Democrat mantra, Cutting benefits to the middle class, destroying medicare, while giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires.  It is replayed on the Mainstream media every night.  What isn’t heard is the Democrats haven’t lifted a finger to get through a workable budget in nearly 4 years.

What is the biggest news that is under reported?  The Obama budget vote was 0-97.  That’s right Obama got exactly ‘no’ votes.  Now Congressman Clyburn of South Carolina that rejection of Obama’s budget was due to racism… Oh I get it, every Senate Democrat is Racist?

When was the last time the Senate cast a unanimous vote on an issue of any substance?  The only unanimous votes in the Senate’s 112th session have been to confirm judges or on honorary resolutions, and on a few amendments, and one bill to make it illegal to publish or copy images taken by the TSA from backscatter scanners.  There has not been a single unanimous negative vote in the Senate this session — until now.  Yesterday, the Senate rejected by a 0-97 vote the budget proposed by Barack Obama:

The Senate voted unanimously on Wednesday to reject a $3.7 trillion budget plan that President Obama sent to Capitol Hill in February.

Ninety-seven senators voted against a motion to take it up.

Democratic aides said ahead of the vote that the Democratic caucus would not support the plan because it has been supplanted by the deficit-reduction plan Obama outlined at a speech at George Washington University in April.

Really?  Oh, good.  So when will Senate Democrats put that plan up for a vote?  Right … never.  As Harry Reid said this week, Democrats don’t want to provide leadership and do the jobs to which they were elected — they just want to tell everyone else how to do their jobs.

At least Republicans bothered to propose a budget for a floor vote.  Paul Ryan’s budget got 40 more votes than Obama’s.  Democrats want to wait for Obama’s FY2012 plan, but thus far, no details have been forthcoming from either the White House or from Senate Democrats who run the upper chamber.  It’s been almost 760 days since the Senate passed a normal budget; how much longer should we all wait?

via Obama budget gets goose egg in Democrat-controlled Senate « Hot Air.

Super Awesome Obama Budget Gets 97-0 Vote

Now, this story was from Wednesday, but, it’s rather interesting that it received very little attention, said attention all being on the Ryan budget. Most stories were on the blogs from MSM sites, such as only being on The Hill’s blog, not as a regular story. So, this goes to show that Senate Democrats actually do sort of have a budget plan. One which none of them like.

via Super Awesome Obama Budget Gets 97-0 Vote | Right Wing News.

via The Paul Ryan budget gets 40 more votes than the Obama budget | Politisite.


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