The Red Eye Candidate – Thad McCotter May run for President because Washington is Nuts

McCotter is virtually unknown on the national level, leading many conservative commentators to label him as an underdog, but he told Politico, “I think the majority of the Republican electorate isn’t happy with the choices they’ve got and want to take a look at new people.”

This comes just days after announcing he would pass at challenging Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., for her U.S. Senate seat in 2012.

McCotter, a famously quirky lawmaker known for his skills on the guitar, is a frequent guest on Fox’s “Red Eye” and may add some excitement to the GOP primary field, which has been described by many as “boring.” Below is an ad he ran in the 2010 election. The message? “Washington’s nuts.”

The ‘Red Eye’ candidate

Thaddeus McCotter, the Michigan House member known (if at all) to the late-night television set for his entertaining appearances on Fox’s “Red Eye,” and to foreign policy types for being a very rare voice of unmitigated support for Hosni Mubarak, tells Jonathan Martin he’s looking at running for President.

via Congressman Thad McCotter May Enter Presidential Race – because Washington is Nuts | Politisite.


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