Judgment Day is coming May 21, 2011? The Bible says differently

“I know the exact hour that Jesus is coming” a  Preacher said to his stunned congregation.  After he let them gasp a bit he  said, “an Hour when you think not the Son of Man comes”.  The Preacher quoted a scripture from the Gospel of Luke 12:40 that called for Christians to be ready for the Second coming at all times.  He went on to say that No Man, not even the Angels know that day or time Jesus will return to the Earth.

Even so, for years, Family Radio led by Harold Camping has been doing just that, setting times and dates for the Return of Christ and the Rapture,  Each time he was wrong but went on to set yet another date based on some mathematical process that dates events more specifically than the information at hand allows.

The writer studied theology from 1984-1987 at a conservative Southern Baptist college.  In all of my studies, there is very little ability to pin point even the exact birth of Jesus, The crucifixion, or even the great Flood. The best scholars only have a Range of dates to use in identifying past events.

Read the rest at  Iron Mill News Service.


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