Trump: You’re welcome, America “I have done a great service to the American people” OH Brother!

“I have done a great service to the American people,” he says, which is true. He’s helped produce a whole new document that’ll be summarily dismissed as a CIA forgery or whatever. Hey — Panetta must have done something to warrant that promotion, right?

The scene today in New Hampshire:

“Did you hear?” he asked a group of about 50 workers at the Wilcox plant outside of Portsmouth. “I am so proud of myself! I got this guy to show his birth certificate!”…

He was greeted by throngs everywhere he went, mobbed as he walked down Market Street in Portsmouth. One onlooker screamed, “You’re a bigot!” But most shouted out approval, with one man calling out, “Get the grades!”

Below you’ll find John King asking him one of two questions that arose after this morning’s revelation, namely, didn’t Trump say just two days ago that “somebody” told him the birth certificate was missing? No solid answer here, although if he ends up deciding that the new birth certificate is a forgery, I guess that’ll be the answer. The second question, then: Didn’t he tell Stephanopoulos that he might finally release his tax returns if The One came clean about the birth certificate? What happened? Quote:

via Trump: You’re welcome, America « Hot Air.


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