Gov Mike Huckabee NOT NOT Running for President | Politisite

Gov Mike Huckabee NOT NOT Running for President

Gov Mike Huckabee NOT Running for President

South Carolina staffers reportedly told to seek another candidate

If you heard that its all rumor as Huckabee says he will not make a decision until summer that means after June 21st

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee allegedly told his South Carolina consultants that he wasn’t going to run for president in 2012 … or at least that’s what a Palmetto Republican blogger reported on Wednesday.

Of course what could have erupted into a national news story may very well turn out to be the first example of South Carolina’s notoriously dirty political process.

The drama began when the website Process Story ran a banner headline Wednesday afternoon boldly declaring that “Huckabee won’t run.”

If true, this would have obviously been a major bombshell in 2012 Republican presidential primary – and a huge national news story. There’s just one problem … the report is false. In fact, mere moments after the original story was posted, an updated version of the article appeared with a new headline, “Huckabee releasing S.C. team.”

Here’s a screen cap that shows this update, although you can clearly see the original title of the story in the hyperlink …

Process Story‘s hastily-rechristened article also removed any reference to Huckabee supporters claiming that their boss had told them he was dropping out of the race, but it did allege that Huckabee was “giving his former SC supporters the nod to seek work on other presidential campaigns.”

According to Hogan Gidley, the executive director of Huckabee’s national political action committee, both reports are totally inaccurate.

Reached by phone on Wednesday afternoon, Gidley told FITS that rumors about Huckabee pulling out of the race were “cateogrically false.” He then added that there was “absolutely zero truth” to reports that Huckabee was releasing his South Carolina team.

“Gov. Huckabee has been pretty clear that he is seriously considering (a 2012 campaign) and that he will make a decision sometime this summer,” Gidley said. “That is consistent with what he has said for months.” via Politisite.


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