Lost dog found almost 2 weeks after I-26 wreck gets a second “Chance”

PEAK, SC (WIS) – A dog that escaped from a car that wrecked on Interstate 26 almost two weeks ago has been found in good condition.

On April 10, Chance, a white boxer, jumped out of a car his sitter wrecked near mile marker 99 on I-26. Another dog, named Lily, was killed in the crash.

Chance’s owner, Summer Slaughter, believed her dog was running loose in the woods near the accident site. She was right! The dog was found Friday, just a couple of miles from the interstate. “Some how he survived being outside in the wilderness going under the interstate and going all the way to Marina Road,” said Slaughter.

After Chance’s disappearance, a search immediately began for him. “So many people were going on their own time out there looking for Chance, calling for Chance,” said Slaughter.

Signs were placed everywhere. Facebook and e-mail alerts were sent out, and it all paid off.

An eight-year-old boy sitting on his front porch on Marina Road in Irmo saw Chance in his yard.  Remembering seeing flyers for the missing dog, he called for his mother and they were able to get in touch with Slaughter.

Summer and her friends rushed to the area and after several minutes chasing the dog in the rain, they were able to catch Chance. “I mean, he’s alive, and I just can’t believe it,” said Slaughter.

The group took the boxer to the veterinarian with what looked like a broken leg. Dr. Debra Breland checked him out. “He is one lucky dog, very lucky,” she said.

Slaughter added that Chance was in good spirits. “This is definitely a very ‘Good Friday,'” she said.

read the full story and see the video report at  WIS News 10 – Columbia, South Carolina |.


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