South Carolina Senate Asks House to Work to Fix Flawed Voter ID Bill

(Columbia, SC) – Yesterday, the Senate voted to non-concur in a flawed Voter ID bill passed by the House of Representatives. Because of the flaws in the House language and new matter inserted in the supposedly clean bill, the vote to non-concur was overwhelming.

Example of Voter Identification

Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell issued the following statement:

“The Senate’s action to non-concur was necessary in order to save the great and needed idea of Voter ID from flawed House language that could have been fatal to the implementation of the Voter ID provisions in future elections. Also, we needed to save a vital residency checklist to be used to disqualify illegal ballots -a provision that the House deleted from the bill.”

“I think that many members of the Senate were hopeful that after the House sat on the Voter ID bill for six weeks and taking no action on it that the bill that they finally sent over to the Senate would be correct. Unfortunately, it was not. Their errors in drafting and misrepresentations about this being a “clean” bill made concurrence impossible for those who wanted this bill to become reality.”

via South Carolina Senate Asks House to Work to Fix Flawed Voter ID Bill | Politisite.


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