Former Michigan Gov. Granholm appears on Riz Khan – Al Jazeera English

Former Michigan Governor Granholm is appearing on AlJazeera English this evening to tout her failed energy polices that put MI near the top of the dollars spent and had one of the least rates of returns on investment.

Granholm appears to be very knowledgeable on renewable energy and her plan sounds like having renewables in every home is a plausible proposition, Her ease of presentation makes the whole process seem like a system could be installed over a weekend like a ceiling fan of sorts.

Don’t let the pseud-intellect fool you as she is well versed on her message of the day and talking points.

Every time I see one of these interviews with a renewable energy plan, the return on investments is so poor that for one to get a home off the grid, assuming a $2400.00 a year per home electricity bill.  The cost benefit analysis comes clear when one looks at the fact that to get that one home off the grid to provide that one home with the same level of energy used prior to being removed from the energy grid, the costs would equal to 25-30 years before the system is at equilibrium or not being charged anything further and the full befit of the system is realized.
Basically that means an investment is paid up and the energy would become free, baring unforeseen maintenance costs. But as most of us know, when we finally have that automobile paid for, or the Mortgage is finally paid up, it seems almost inevitable that there will be need for major maintenance.

What she touts without bring real dollars into the equation, sound fantastic and anyone would want to be become one of those who are self-relent on renewable technologies. Heck as good as it sounds, one might want to chip in for the Neighbors upgrades as well. Now we all could sleep better at night, knowing that our energies have reduced some of the naturally occurring Green house gases that would be lingering around for millennium until we took action. Most of these terrible gases one speaks of are used by other parts of the creation by using CO2, Nitrogen, and Methane to transfer by a chemical process that is already naturally occurring.  Trees are the simplistic example.

Now if one can afford the 60 thousand US dollars investment to get off the grid, I would encourage one to do so, but these interviews with policy makers who get much of their campaign contributions from those looking for Corporate welfare to subsidize their research and development programs.

The Bottom line here is without free money, these companies see no cost benefit to develop renewable energy sources as they are retrofired into existing infrastructure., The least of the producers of electrical power, and the least affordable to the average consumer.

What is encouraging is Ritz Khan is willing to ask the tough questions and will provide viewpoints across the spectrum on issues he covers.  Ritz is one of the Highest respected Journalists in the Middles east as he seems to have brought back a level of integrity top broadcasting that seem to have been lost long again in the United States broadcasting.

Every time I say something encouraging brutalization, I get a rash of correspondence attacking me for siding with America hating networks. I notice most of the writers have never seen Al Jazeera in English or have had the Arabic broadcast interpreted for them by a party who has some kind of political secondary gain by degrading this news company.

Iron Mill News uses journalistic sources that come directly from the region the news is occurring in.  Crowd Sourcing from locals can exceed the date developed by a journalist who travels to the Country from their home New Agency.

During the Egyptian uprising I was quite critical of Journalists traveling to do their nightly newscast “Live from Cairo, Egypt” One could have simply followed twenty or so news sore from the host country and get a better fact base on what is going on from a variety perspectives, Throwing that New York Journalist in the Mix almost assures sensationalism from the County who developed the “Sound Byte” and has rejected the “News Hour” I should say here that IU have the highest respect for some of our combat Journalism, now called Embedded Journalist to keep up with the New media tone. One think I have notice since the seventies when i got started ion the Business, is that 5, 6, and 7 AM mean little, Noon means Less, and then the Nightly news packs the entire world into an hour slot with nearly 22 of those minutes advertisements.

There are those journalists who the news team still call on because they have been in a battle or two and understand that the entire war cannot be interpreted based upon their particular battle.
We don’t do straight ANC, CBS, NBC, CNN or Fox News here unless there particular perspective would be helpful by adding their particular take on the issues

There are plenty of Blogs and News Agreements who already provide those top American news channels and Major blogs.

As of March 2011 we decide to transfer our emphasis to news from the source and the source nations.  Even so you will have the opportunity to provide your own feedback, offer up and Op-Ed, and have our managing editor share some additional viewpoints from our perspective.

Iron Mill News leave s it all on the table, now one will leave a news story wonder where we stand o an issues.  You will know our premises for our ideas and how we arrived at our conclusions.

It is then for you, the reader, to determine if our premise together have developed an argument that is valid or fallacy.

Today, maybe it would be a great opportunity for our readers to weigh in on AlJazeera English.  There are plenty of ways to watch in the Americas, I know the cable companies would lead you to believe otherwise, but Aljazeera English is easily accessible. Not only that, from our listening post in Columbia, South Carolina we can watch, Iran Press TV, Deutsche Welle, thew BBC, Russia Today, Radio Netherlands, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Australia, China Radio International, Radio Havana Cuba.

While those stations are on nearly 24 hours a day, There is also High Frequency Communications that broadcast in English from many countries around the world. The other interesting thing here is our satellite equipment allows for Multiple Channel per carrier (MCPC) that was a bit more difficult to explain until United States went digital and now folks get MCPC channels like Channel 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 etc. Many channels broadcasting from one site.

Often when we get a breaking news alert, we will start scanning the sky with our blind scanning KU_Band receiver and look for Satellite News Trucks (SNG) trucks. These are the broadcast journalists doing a live shot at or near the live breaking event, By watching more than one network, we usually pick up on the quickly changing facts as in most cases the earlier the report the more inaccurate information tends to be, We at Iron Mill News will not transmit anything until we have two confirmed independent news sources. Many folks make the mistake of thinking a article they read in the Sacramento Bee and another one in Columbia , SC, as being independent. More often then not, both of those reports came via the Associated Press. That simply means it is the same story but worked a bit for conform to the space that id available and words changed to emphasis one point or another that may be of more interest in Columbia, SC than in California.

I remember when I had a program at WWBC that was transmitted on 1510 AM or Medium Wave and transmitted as a sub-carrier audio to the Sat com -4 satellite . WWBC was Up-linked to the satellite so that folks from all over America could listen top the Space Launches through the Astro-Radio-Newtork. Some thought it was for a baseball feed, but the truth was WWBC broadcast the Space launches as far back as I can remember, When I was there, we would send up the audio from Merritt Island Florida, that is where the Kennedy Space Center is located.

Today, Satellite receivers and equipment in general is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper then they once were. Today, one can get a KU-Dish, and LNBF, Rotor, cables, and receiver for under 500 dollars. If you are interested in obtaining equipment, let us know, we maintain a stock of parts available for news gathering, especially during the Primary Presidential elections. Our other service is the increasingly popular,, that has a major focus on United States Politics Breaking news and analysis.

If you are reading this article changes are you may be getting your political news from Politicization! In fact, a few months ago, we put together an article so those who wanted to see other than state Television col;d tune in during the Egyptian and Tunisian Uprisings.  Here is a link tot hat article.

The following was originally posted at AlJazeera English

According to a report by Pew, a US non-profit organisation that provides analysis on public policies, global funding for alternative power grew by more than 30 per cent in the past three years, reaching a record $243bn in 2010.

China leads the push for clean energy development, while the US – the world’s largest consumer of oil – has fallen to third place.

On Monday’s Riz Khan we ask: As crude prices soar to more than $120 dollars a barrel and demands to reduce carbon emissions increase, why isn’t the US investing more into renewable energy?

We speak with former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm, who now serves as senior adviser at Pew Charitable Trusts, where she promotes clean energy policies; and Robert Bryce, the author of Power Hungry: The Myths of Green Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future also joins the show.

You can watch the show at 1930GMT on Al Jazeera English. Repeats will air next day at 0430GMT, 0830GMT and 1430GMT.

Biography: Riz Khan – Riz Khan

Riz Khan hosts the flagship weekday interactive show Riz Khan and the weekly profile show Riz Khans One on One.
Last Modified: 10 Nov 2006 11:19 GMT
Riz Khan

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