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Hypocrisy of the highest order, Arab League criticizes air strikes Libya

The Arab League cried for intervention in Libya with a No Fly Zone, but now that they have it, they have are criticizing the West for intervening with air strikes and bombs.  The are acting like they had no idea what they were signing up for.

It is well known that a No Fly Zone is implemented with taking out what is called in Military operations as “eyes and ears”.  The first portion of implementing a no fly zone takes out communications and anti-aircraft sites. 

Qaddafi is doing what he does best, taking those he has killed and placed the bodies at missile strike areas and claiming that the Missiles have killed civilians. Qaddafi put a radar site next to a hospital and is saying the west has killed civilians there.  It is one of his oldest tricks.  It appears that it is getting the desired effect as the Arab League is now criticizing the operation.

Read the full story at   Politisite.


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