Tea Party Patriots, The Tea Party Network, 912 leaders March on Tallahassee

Press Release

Dear Patriots,

Join the largest coalition of tea party groups including, Tea Party Patriots, The Tea Party Network, 912 leaders and other Florida activists at noon on Thursday, March 10th in Tallahassee. This is a unified statewide effort by all tea party/912 groups(Tea Party Patriots, The Tea Party Network, Florida 912, etc) in Florida.

There are several tea party/912 events during the week starting March 7th members and leaders: Legislative Leadership Workshop, Tea Party Rally and “We The People Surge.” This is the first week session and critical for setting the tone for the session. Our goal is make our voices heard early on.

A few housekeeping items:

  1. Do you need a ride or room? Would you carpool or share a room? – click here to create an ad for carpool or room!
  2. You can still find some cheap hotels online at hotels.com & orbitz.com
  3. Can’t make the March 10 “Stand with Florida” Rally? Sign the “Stand with Florida” Petition!

Here is the latest update on events & information for next week

Monday, March 7th Tea Party “Surge”
We are asking all tea party patriots to contact their Florida Representatives and Senators the first week of session, preferably on March 10th. We will try to create to create a “surge” effect that will overwhelm our elected officials in order to show that the tea party is here to stay and we elected to represent “We The People.”

Tuesday, March 8th “Awake The State Local Rallies”
The unions will begin a series of local statewide rallies called “Awake The State”. The strategy of the Unions and Liberals is to have local rallies on the 8th and then later that week to shift their focus and momentum toward Tallahassee. I would strongly advise contacting your local patriot group and and presence known in your city. Your local media will most likely not report any event tea party event in Tallahassee that day. We need people local. If the cameras are their locally, then they will be forced to report us. Do you remember the 2 million that marched on 912, how many local papers reported it? Go where the politics is and media can easily report. You can find local rallies by going to http://www.awakethestate.com Make sure your message is not anti-union, but rather cutting spending and pro-pension reform.

Wednesday, March 9th, Teacher Unions Start Protests In Tallahassee
The unions will begin their assault on Tallahassee with planned protests by the teachers union and leftist groups. The Florida Senate is expected to vote and pass on education and teacher legislation that was vetoed by former Governor Crist.

Thursday, March 10th, Wisconsin Part IV in Florida – StandWithFlorida.com Rally
We saw what happened in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, now the thugs have moved to Florida. We are expecting unions to start pressuring Florida House members against the education and teacher reform bill in addition to budget cuts. Be prepare to see another Wisconsin starting Thursday. We need every group and member to show up in Tallahassee on Thursday March 10th. Will you “Stand With Florida” or let Florida fall?

Friday, March 11th – Legislators Go Home
Most Florida Legislators will be leaving early Friday and go home. This is the reason why we haven’t planned any events on Friday.

Thursday, March 10th – StandWithFlorida: Unions Are Planning Large Rallies In Tallahassee

Join the largest coalition of tea party/912 groups including, Tea Party Patriots, The Tea Party Network, 912 leaders and other Florida activists at noon on Thursday, March 10 in Tallahassee for the We the People “Stand with Florida” Rally on the steps of the capitol building. Get informed and inspired by Florida speakers who will talk about specific issues and how to get involved. The list of invited speakers includes:

  • Local Tea Party leaders.
  • Gov. Rick Scott
  • Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll.
  • Jack Oliver, Floridians for Immigration Enforcement
  • Frantz Kebreau, National Director for the NAACPC (The National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of ALL Colors)
  • CFO Jeff Atwater.
  • Attorney General Pam Bondi.
  • Sen. Mike Haridopolos.
  • House Speaker Dean Cannon. And many more. Think of anyone else we should invite? Let us know.

Suggested Signs:

  • I Support Scott & Florida
  • Businesses Create Jobs
  • Cut the Budget – Create Jobs
  • Pension Reform = Paying Your Fair Share
  • Cut the Spending, Not My Paycheck
  • Teachers Deserve More – Cut Tenure
  • Why wait for Superman? End Tenure
  • No High Speed Rail
  • No More High Speed Rail Pork
  • Cut Spending, Not Deals
  • Give me Liberty, Not Debt!

Can’t make the March 10 “Stand with Florida” Rally? Sign the “Stand with Florida” Petition!

I, as a citizen in great state of Florida, strongly support Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s budget proposal to cut spending, consolidate departments and implement pension reform. Our state is broke and cannot afford anymore spending. Raising taxes or costs for permits is not acceptable. Florida has one of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. We can’t afford to increase taxes when many of our citizens are facing difficult times. Do the right thing: Cut spending, not my paycheck!

Sign the Petition Here – StandWithFlorida.com

In Liberty,

Everett Wilkinson
State Coordinator For Tea Party Patriots

South Florida Tea Party, Inc. operates as a social welfare organization organized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Tea Party Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.


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