Obama Does Not Walk His Talk

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President Obama is coming under increasing fire for being a passive, reactive commander in chief, who all too often stands on the sidelines instead of entering the arena during the great policy battles of our time.

As protests mounted in Libya last month to topple Moammar Gadhafi’s evil dictatorship, Obama was muting his words, pleading for an end to the violence, yet reluctant to fully side with the rebels who were fighting to remove the Gadhafi regime from power.

The Washington Post in a blistering editorial, sternly lectured Obama for his timidity and wait-and-see passiveness at a time when the only moral position was to be immediately on the side of the Libyan democracy movement, which has swept across North Africa and the Middle East.

Soon after that editorial, the White House toughened some of its rhetoric against Gadhafi’s regime and in behalf of the rebels who are fighting a war to free themselves from tyranny.

But the White House’s response to the Post’s editorial and other critics was a litany of weak, namby-pamby excuses that only made Obama’s presidency seem impotent. He couldn’t speak out more forcefully because of potential reprisals against Americans who were trapped there, the White House told reporters.

via Obama Does Not Walk His Talk – Page 1 – Donald Lambro – Townhall Conservative.


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