Obama Suddenly Silent on Civility

If you had any question in your mind, anything like the slightest doubt, that the recently abandoned campaign for “civility” in public life was anything more than an effort to shut conservatives the F up, then please look at Wisconsin.

Because what we have there is some distinctly uncivil behavior.

But it’s OK, of course, because its for a good cause. It’s just union folk fighting for workers’ rights, while the other uncivil stuff was by the Tea Party, a racist, fascist,  and really mean organization led by Eva Braun Sarah Palin.

Helping launch the uncivility was the distinctly uncivil remark by President Barack Obama that by trying to curb public employees’ collective bargaining rights, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was engaged in an “assault” on unions.

An assault?? That’s violent language.

Definition: Assault – to make a sudden, violent attack; Cambridge Dictionary of American English

The suggestion that something is under assault implies the need for a forceful, even violent response. And that’s what Walker is getting.

Protestors are comparing him to Hitler and Hosni Mubarak; they have signs all over the place saying the want to “kill the bill.” One I saw had BLOOD on it.

Excuse me.

via Obama Suddenly Silent on Civility | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier.


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