Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore: Abortion is better for unplanned babies than having to eat Ramen noodles

The House is currently debating the GOP proposal to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Abortion radicals are raging mad.

Raging mad that Republicans are exposing the abortion predators with story after story of criminal negligence, death, and exploitation at America’s taxpayer-subsidized death clinics.

Raging mad that Republican women dare to talk about the psychological harm and trauma to young women lured to Planned Parenthood and kept in the dark about abortion alternatives.

And mad that Republicans are describing in graphic detail the procedures used to rid the world of The Unplanned.

Most macabre abortion defense of the night so far: Just a little while ago on the floor, Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore argued that abortion was better for unplanned babies than a life “eating Ramen noodles” or “mayonnaise sandwiches.”

Or, as Lori Ziganto summed it up: “So according to DemRep Moore, there is NO right to life. But there is a right to NO Ramen.”

Celebrate life: Eat your Ramen.

I still do!


SteveEgg notes that Rep. Gwen Moore is from Wisconsin. “Not a sterling day for Wisconsin Democrats between the state Senate and Gwen Moore.”


Jill Stanek notes another jaw-dropper from Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “This is not about abortion, this is about saving lives.”

I’m sure that’s what Philadelphia Horror doc Kermit Gosnell said every time he picked up his death scissors, too.

via Michelle Malkin » Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore: Abortion is better for unplanned babies than having to eat Ramen noodles.


One Response

  1. Who the hell can afford mayonnaise but not lunchmeat? You can get a pack of bologna for a buck in some stores. You couldn’t touch a jar of mayonnaise for that, at least not around here.

    Her statement was so absurd, people are wondering where she shops more than anything else. That fact she’s a liberal was a forgone conclusion.

    She’s a victim of the government’s war on minorities…………

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