Wisconsin Lawmakers Fugitives from Democracy Flee state

Wisconsin state Senate Democrats boycotting a vote on a plan to curb the union rights of public employees left the state on Thursday in an attempt to force majority Republicans to negotiate a compromise, an online political news service said.

Democrat Sen. Jon Erpenbach told WisPolitics that he believed all 14 Senate Democrats were out of the state by early Thursday afternoon. There are 19 Senate Republicans, and a quorum of 20 is needed to vote on the issue.

Erpenbach would not disclose where he was or how many of the Democratic senators were with him.

“We were left with no choice,” Erpenbach said. Erpenbach would not say how long they were prepared to remain outside Wisconsin.

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Governor Walker released the following statement:

Out of respect for the institution of the Legislature and the democratic process, I am calling on Senate Democrats to show up to work today, debate legislation and cast their vote. Their actions by leaving the state and hiding from voting are disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of public employees who showed up to work today and the millions of taxpayers they represent.

via Walker Calls Democrat Legislators Back Into State.

via Wisconsin Democrats Fugitives from Democracy Flee state | Iron Mill News Service.


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