Hatemonger Glenn Beck attacks for Code Pink dialogue on Justice Thomas

A “predominantly White” group of protesters in Palm Springs, California from the Groups Common Cause and Code Pink were interviewed by an undercover videographer. The groups were protesting the Libertarian billionaire Koch Brothers. 25 protesters were arrested.   The video of several of the attendees is stunning when the interviewer asked individuals questions about conservative Judge Clarence Thomas.  Words like send him “Back to the Fields”, “String Him Up”, and “cut of his fingers” were just a few statements made by individuals in attendance.

While we don’t think this is the general tone of the average protester, we do want to point out that the same tactics have been used by mainstream news sources to describe the entire Tea Party movement as racist. The statements found in this video far out weigh any objectionable signs we have ever seen while covering the Tea Party movement in the Southern states.

I was under the impression that Code pink and other groups on the left were peaceful and wanted a resolution to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is disheartening to see that these “Peace groups” are as hateful and angry as anything the right wing has to offer.

The mainstream media covered the Tea Parties extensively and anytime they recorded or photographed an objectionable statement, it was on the evening news for days. The Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow,  Al Sharpton and the NAACP would be in front of the cameras calling the entire movement racist. Where are they now?

The main news coverage came from the hate filled Fox NewsGlenn Beck program. Based on the news reports we hear about this man… you would think he would be cheering Code Pink and Common Cause on. I am still waiting on the headline that reads, 25 arrested from “the Predominantly White” Code Pink and Common spewing hate speech and racial epitaphs toward an African-American Supreme Court judge. But Zzz

Read the full story and see the Video at  Hatemonger Glenn Beck attacks for Code Pink dialogue on Justice Thomas.


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