After the Left blamed Anti-Gay Hate – Ugandan police say Gay activist killed by sex partner and not victim of hate

While this new information sheds new light on the real reason the Ugandan gay activist was killed, it does not justify the News Paper “RollingStone” for printing the names of homosexuals and alludes that they should be hung.   It does direct our attention, once again to the left-wing jumping to conclusions without real evidence.   Like Jared Lee Loughner, the Killer was not a right wing extremist.  He was a Gay lover.

Maybe the left will understand that convicting the right pre-maturely ends up diminishing their political ends when real events warrant.  In this case, it was just another Left wing run toward judgment of their enemies.

The truth is most right leaning individuals don’t “Hate” gays, they take a stance based on religious convictions.  The same scriptures that condemn behavior not individuals. You love your kids right?  We don;t always love their behavior.

Next time, left-wingers… get your facts straight.

Ugandan police say a prominent gay activist who was found dead last week was killed by a sex partner, ruling out that the murder was related to his gay-rights campaign.

David Kato was beaten to death with a hammer at his home last week and died on the way to hospital.

The case has provoked worldwide condemnation and drew attention to gay rights issues in Uganda and other African nations where homosexuality remains taboo. Gay activists in Kampala, who had believed Mr. Kato was killed because of his sexuality, said they still needed more proof from the police and they were considering their official reaction to the announcement. Some had feared the government would cover up the homophobia angle because the international media attention could jeopardize crucial aid inflows

via Iron Mill News Service.


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