Democrats Launch Ad Blitz to “Target” 19 Republicans

Thats right, the DNC said “Target”.  Here is a fine example of  Democrats, elitist as they are, expect a different set of standards for Republicans than for  themselves.  Their rationale?  Democrats don’t kill people because of a campaign ad or an article and certainly  don’t equate the word “Target” with guns.  Only a right wing nut job would do that.  Like  Jared Loughner  as we all know, no matter what the evidence says, was a  Right Wing Tea Party nut job that took his marching orders right from the Republican National Committee

In case there was any doubt that the 2012 campaign season is well under way, House Democrats on Monday launched a week-long ad blitz targeting 19 Republicans facing reelection next year. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said the ads — 17 on radio and two in print — will hold the GOP lawmakers “accountable for choosing a partisan plan that will cost jobs and make America less competitive.” The media campaign is part of the DCCC’s “Drive to 25″ grassroots endeavor that will also include web ads, phone calls, and emails in via House Democrats Launch Ad Blitz Against 19 Republicans.

Who is on the “Target” List?

via Democrats Launch Ad Blitz to “Target” 19 Republicans.


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