S.C. State Senator Calls Gov. candidate Nikki Haley racial Slur


Nikki Haley called Racial Slur by State Senator  | Photo 02

Nikki Haley called Racial Slur by State Senator | Photo 02

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Just one day after Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley was accused of having a one night stand with another campaigns political operative,  South Carolina politics if the state that keeps on giving to late night comedic talk shows.

Today, during a local Podcast called PubPolitics, State Senator Jake Knotts appeared on the program unannounced and went into a racial tirade.  Knotts said (paraphrasing here) that we have one RagHead in the White House and didn’t need a Raghead (referring to Haley who is Indian American) in the State House.

The Term Raghead is a racial/Ethnic slur like unto calling a Black person the “N” Word.

Knotts is well known to be anti-Sanford, Anti-Haley but to use racial epitaphs are an all time low for anyone in political Office.

Politisite went back to the site that hosts Pub Politics to down load the video for review.  Just minutes after the program ended, the video was gone.

Wesley Donehue came out with a quick disclaimer on Twitter and said that the Views of guests on PubPolitics are not the views of Wesley Donahue or Phil Bailey who host the show.

The Program stated that there was technical difficulties with the program, thus the reason it was removed.  We think otherwise

CNN Reports: Donehue told CNN the video was not removed from the web, and will be posted online Friday.

Haley’s  spokesman Tim Pearson said:

“Jake Knotts represents all that is wrong with South Carolina politics. He’s an embarrassment to our state and to the Republican Party. South Carolina is so much better than this, and the people of our state will make that quite clear next Tuesday.”

SCGOP chair Karen Floyd called on Knotts to apologize.

“The South Carolina Republican Party strongly condemns any use of racial or religious slurs,” Floyd said in a statement to CNN. “Senator Knotts should apologize for his inappropriate comments, so that we can put this unfortunate incident behind us and focus on issues important to moving our state forward.”

Raghead is an ethnic slur used against Arabs, Muslims, and Indian Sikhs denigrating them for wearing traditional headdress such as turbans or keffiyehs.

Other forms used include, “Ragtop” and “Towel Head.”

The term “Ragtop” is used by popular artists Outkast in their song B.O.B a.k.a.: Bombs Over Baghdad where the words “bob your head ragtop” are repeated.[citation needed]

via raghead : definition of raghead and synonym of raghead (English).


Jake Knotts goes racist on Nikki Haley Senator makes racial slur towards Haley And the Slime Shall Rise Again!

via SC State Senator Jake Knotts Calls Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley a RagHead | Politisite.

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