Juan Williams Biography

Juan Williams joined FOX News in 1997 as a political contributor. He is a regular panelist on FOX Broadcasting’s Sunday morning public affairs program, “FOX News Sunday.” In addition, Williams anchors weekend daytime live coverage on the FOX News Channel.

Before coming to FOX, Williams spent 23 years at The Washington Post, where he served as an editorial writer, op-ed columnist and White House correspondent. From 2000-2001, Williams hosted National Public Radio’s (NPR) national call-in show “Talk of the Nation.” In that role, he traveled to cities across America for monthly radio town hall meetings before live audiences. Williams is currently a senior national correspondent for NPR.

The recipient of an Emmy Award for television documentary writing, Williams also won widespread critical acclaim for a series of documentaries including, “Politics:The New Black Power” and “A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom.” He is the author of the non-fiction bestseller, “Eyes on The Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965” and “Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary.” Williams has also written numerous articles for national magazines including Fortune, The Atlantic Monthly, Ebony, GQ and The New Republic, in addition to appearing on numerous television programs including ABC’s “Nightline,” PBS’ “Washington Week in Review” and “Oprah.”

Williams is a graduate of Haverford College.

via Juan Williams – FOXNews.com.


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