Do Haitians care what Race relief workers are? Cong. Conyers thinks so

MLK is rolling in his grave. Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D – MI) demands that the head of Haiti Relief be demoted not because his staff is doing a poor job or character issues, it is simply that they are not black. From The Weekly Standard:

Congressman Conyers wants Dept Head Demoted over Race of staff

Senior House Democrat John Conyers is demanding that Hillary Clinton demote Rajiv Shah, head of USAID, in which capacity he’s leading U.S. relief efforts in Haiti.

Does Conyers think that Shah lacks competence to carry out the incredibly important task of saving lives? No. The Hill reports that Conyers is angry that Shah “showed up at a meeting with the 42-member Congressional Black Caucus without any African American staffers in tow.”

Read the Rest of the story at The Weekly Standard.

Conyers writes in a letter to Clinton:

Dear Secretary Clinton:

As you know, the 42 member Congressional Black Caucus met with Rajiv Shah, the Administrator of the U.S. AID yesterday to discuss the crisis in Haiti. I was alarmed and chagrined to learn that none of the approximately dozen staff he brought with him were African American. This is so serious an error in judgement that it warrants his immediate demotion to a subordinate position at AID. It is well known that there has long been an under-representation of minorities in key positions within the State Department. I am confident this Administration will immediately begin addressing this problem.

I look forward to meeting with you on this matter.

John Conyers, Jr.
Member of Congress

The congressman has a short memory, as the top spot at the State Department was led by Condoleezza Rice under the Bush Administration. Remember Bush? He was the guy who tripled foreign aid to the continent of Africa over President Clinton’s levels and had the most diverse administration in history. But leftist don’t seem to count conservatives as black. Obama has exceeded Bush diversity levels. So what is Conyers complaining about? Do you have to be black to help Haitians? Ridiculous!

Michelle Malkin » Race-hustling over Haiti

You know, the people suffering in Haiti don’t seem to care one bit what the skin colors of their care-givers and rescuers are.

via Michelle Malkin » Race-hustling over Haiti.


Conyers concentrates on what’s really important in Haitian relief

Conyers wants Haiti Relief Official Demoted Over Lack of Black Staffers


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