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Conservative Activists file suit after group tries to turn TeaParty into a Third Party

A coalition of tea party activists in South Florida is accusing a well-known local radio host of trying to hijack their movement.

Columbia, SC Tax Day Teaparty

The Florida activists filed a lawsuit last month against Doug Guetzloe after he filed papers last year with state officials registering the name “Tea Party” as an official political party — and then warned other tea party groups to stop using that name.

Guetzloe, who is also a political consultant, made waves in the conservative activist movement by registering the tea party name since none of the other state tea party groups operate as an official party.

The radio host told FoxNews.com Friday he’s just trying to take the movement to the “next level” and start putting up candidates under a formal “Tea Party” flag.

Read the rest of the story at  FOXNews.com

Michael R. Caputo is sending e-mails asking for help with legal fight.  Here is the letter some teaparty activists are receiving.

Last Tuesday, I filed with other tea party leaders filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the Mr. Fred O’Neal and Doug Guetzloe (attorney and political consultant) that started “Tea Party” as a political Third Party.

The reason why we filed this lawsuit is because Mr. Fred O’Neal and Doug Guetzloe are threatening tea party leaders. He is also claiming all rights to the name “Tea Party.” See article “Florida Lawyer Claims Rights To Tea Party Name –” link name

We would like to add other tea party leaders to our lawsuit. It will not cost you anything to join. You can see a copy of our complaint at http://bit.ly/5BYdqc or for more information contact:

Michael R. Caputo
Caputo Public Relations, Inc.
12864 Biscayne Blvd, #332
North Miami, FL 33181-2007

Let’s not let the politicians and political parties take over our movement. We can and we will hold true to our mission and values.

Everett Wilkinson

Doug Guetzloe has a history of  Alleged “Extortion” and Payoffs.  This from October, 2006:

ORLANDO, Fla. — Political consultant Doug Guetzloe was under more fire Friday. Eyewitness News has new information on how he allegedly tried to get Orange County schools to pay him, “or else,” while the Orlando Magic coughed up $200,000 to keep him from opposing a new arena.

via Doug Guetzloe Under Fire For Alleged “Extortion” – News Story – WFTV Orlando


Copy of lawsuit SFTP v Tea Party

They’ve got an image problem

Tea Party Lawsuit Defendant: Plaintiffs’ Backers Are ‘Bent On The Destruction Of The Tea Party Movement’


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