No Conspiracy here – James O’Keefe wanted to Out Senator Landrieu for not answering phones

While the left is beginning to make the James O’Keefe/ Senator Landrieu story into a mini Water-Gate, asking questions to trench coated men in DC, and commentator’s wanting to know what ‘they’ knew and when did ‘they’ know it, new information has come to light.  Well maybe not new, more like a different frame of reference.  Let’s take a look at some facts.

When Majority Leader of the senate Harry Reid was doing his vote count to invoke cloture, he was lacking a few votes.  One of the needed Senator’s was Louisiana Senator Landrieu.  Reid offered Landrieu a 300 million dollar deal for her vote.  The deal was coined ‘the Louisiana Purchase’ and infuriated voters across the country.
Some of these voters wrote letters to the Senator.  Others decided to call Landrieu’s office.  Those who chose to make the personal phone call, found that they’re calls couldn’t get through.  These complaints became published and the problem was blamed on the poor phone system in the offices.

Enter, James O’Keefe:  James just coming off a journalistic high from outing ACORN by videotaping employees seemingly being fine with a prostitute running a ring of underage illegal’s from a house they hoped ACORN would help them secure.  O’Keefe needed to catch another buzz and the Landrieu phone issue seemed to be just the ticket.
O’Keefe set out to get into Senator Landrieu public office by walking in as a concerned citizen.  He was able to gain entry without much difficulty.  He used his cell phone to call the senator’s office while in the building.  Guess what?  No problem getting through.  He needed some additional proof.

Read the rest at  James O’Keefe checks Senator Landrieu’s phones following complaints « POLITISITE: Politics from the RIGHT Side of the WEB.

UPDATE: AP / Big Government reporting our story accurate


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