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Graham, DeMint differ on strategies for GOP to regain power

Live Blogging Senator Lindsey Graham & Bob Conley"s Debate from ETV in Columbia, SC

South Carolina Senators have differing View points on how the Republcian party should more forward.  Senator Graham wants to expand the party to moderates, while Senator DeMint wants to focus on the Conservative base.  A recent poll points out that sevety three percent of conservatives think the Republican party is out of step with their values.  Additional the Gallup organization reports that those who identify themselves as conservtives have grown since the Presidential election in 2008.

WASHINGTON — The national debate among Republicans over their party’s future is nowhere sharper than in South Carolina, where Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint pursue distinctly different visions for restoring GOP primacy at the polls.

Graham and DeMint, who profess to be friends and live within an hour’s drive of each other in the conservative Upstate, prescribe conflicting cures for the Republican ailments that led to sweeping defeats in the last two national elections.

Graham, a Seneca Republican elected to his second term last year, says the party must stop alienating young people and Hispanics and start promoting pragmatic, “center-right solutions” to the country’s most pressing problems.


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