912 Taxpayer March on D.C. will Draw larger Numbers than Antisipated

The Washington Times is reporting that “Tens of Thousands” are expected during the March on D.C. I have a bit of News for them, Based on the Buses Chartered Throughout the United States,  the number will be more like one Hundred Thousand maybe a lot more.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are expected to descend upon the nation’s capital next weekend to voice their concerns about what they call Congress’ “nonstop tax-and-spend agenda” in the first-ever Taxpayer March on D.C.

The three-day event will begin Thursday morning at the D.C. Armory in Southeast Washington and is expected to end Saturday with a march from Freedom Plaza down Pennsylvania Avenue to a rally on the U.S. Capitol steps. Participants can attend workshops and lobby their congressmen while attending rallies on health care and the economy.

The National Park Service says it has issued permits for more than 2,000 people for the Freedom Plaza gathering. That number is a fraction of the crowd expected to show at the rally.

U.S. Park Police also expect a decent turnout because of the national attention the event has garnered from newspaper and television reports and from grass-roots groups organizing on the Internet. Organizers could be seen handing out fliers for the event at recent health care town-hall meetings in Maryland. “Those health care town halls put an interesting twist on things,” said Sgt. David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesman. “As it stands right now, it’s obviously bigger than routine permits where you literally have three people. There should be a pretty good turnout – people are super ramped up for it.

Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman Traci Hughes said that while police anticipate thousands of protestors at the event, that number is, “certainly not a number that will pose any significant disruptions to traffic.”

Please read the full article at  Taxpayer March expects big draw – Washington Times.

Still looking for buses to go to DCClick to check out the most updated list of buses.

View the current agenda.  Events are still being added to it so check it frequently.  In addition to the March itself, there will be training opportunities, press conference, a doctor’s rally, happy hour, Remember 911 and Support the Troops at Walter Reed, a Sign Making Event, and more.

Where do we meet on September 12?

If you are physically able to walk in the March, we would like you to begin gathering at Freedom Plaza at 9:00 am.  We will march from Freedom Plaza to the West Lawn of the Capitol.  At Freedom Plaza (1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004, Metro Center Red, Blue and Orange lines; Federal Triangle Blue and Orange lines), we will line up by state according to this list.

There will be speakers at Freedom Plaza, many of whom are Tea Party Patriots Local Coordinators, prior to marching.  The March ends and the Rally will officially begin at 1:00 at the West Lawn of the Capitol.

To accommodate as many speaker and musician requests as possible, there will also be speakers on the West Lawn before the official start time at 1:00 but the exact start time of these speakers and entertainers has not been determined.  It will be dependent on how quickly the staging and audio equipment will be setup.

Have you registered for the 912 March on Washington?  It’s free.  We need to know how many to expect so we have enough potties and appropriate sound and video equipment.  Click to register now.

(Source: Details for 912 Events Inside and Outside of DC. )


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