Huge TEA PARTY Win! California Votes NO on Tax Increases


No on Prop_ 1A Radio Ad

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uploaded by politisite

No on Prop_ 1A Radio Ad


Tax Day in Southen California

Tax Day in Southen California

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uploaded by politisite

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition is reporting that their tax revolt event on May 16 may have been a major contributing factor to Californians voting No on Tax increases to fund out of control spending in California.  The California Governor must now come up with budgets cuts that will correlate more closely with revenue already generated by taxpayers.


Gather with us to protest and make sure that people know to vote against Proposition 1A.

 Proposition 1A is a deception ploy by the liberal tax and spend politicians in Sacramento. They have given us the largest tax increase in state history for two years. They need our vote to extend it another two years. What they need to do is get their house in order and not tax us to death to fund their social programs which in turn buys them votes. Get the full story at HJTA.ORG or

Description The State of California has enacted one of the largest tax increases in it’s history. This tax is effective for 2 years. And now the California tax and spend liberals want to increase that term from two to four years by a proposition vote. The only thing they fail to tell us in the voting pamplet is just that, two more years of increased taxes. You can find out all of the CORRECT information at HJTA.ORG


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