Nancy Pelosi, “Draining the Swamp” or Sandbagging the House

Opinion-Editorial By Albert N. Milliron, Editor

When Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi took the Gavel to become the first woman Speaker of the House she stated that in her first one hundred days she would, “Drain the Swamp” from nearly ten years of  the Republican, “Culture of Corruption”. She had another thing to say In her speech, that “It Just Might Take a Woman to Clean The House” of ethics violations perpetrated by the Republicans.

Recently the Obama Administration released classified documents that contained information about Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT) that were used on high value enemy combatants to foil additional attempts on the security of the United States. These techniques provided actionable intelligence that kept America safe during the, “War on Terror”.

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The Obama Administration then came out in favor of the Justice Department doing an investigation to determine if there were any laws that had been broken from the former administration all the way down to the attorneys who drafted the briefs on EIT. Obama flip-Flop from his former position on the issue.  That is when things began to go a bit wrong for the democrats. During a press conference last month, Pelosi stated, “In that or any other briefing we were not, I repeat, were not told that water boarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation techniques were used. They did not tell us they were used, “flat out” They said she was briefed what, “ might be used” and other logistical information needed for oversight. She included that the, “CIA is in the business of deception”.  Possibly to discredit the recent disclosures that seem to implicate her in a cover-up.

Nancy Pelosi has maintained that she is opposed to waterboarding calling it torture. But in the aforementioned 2002 briefing while she was the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, she was fully briefed on (AIT) including water boarding that was performed on Abu Zubaydah. Others at the same meeting seem to have a view that is polar opposite to Pelosi’s recollection of what was discussed.

The question rises, If Speaker Pelosi was so against advanced integration techniques, why did she not go on record as being against the techniques in those briefings. Why did she not report her disapproval on the House Floor when the appropriations came up for a vote?  On the House floor, Pelosi related that she was able to voice her differences under the direction of chairman Congressman Porter Goss and moved that the appropriations be approved by the full House.

With all this, Americans are still waiting for the Swamp to be drained and the House to be cleaned. The most Ethical Congress in History is still lacking. Speaker Pelosi continued with the mantra that Republican operated under a, “Culture of corruption”. The writer sees little to suggest that the democrats have done anything to bring our government back to the people with open disclosure and defrocking those who violate the very oaths they affirm when entering into public service.

Today, Many sides of the issue are calling for Nancy Pelosi’s removal, but the Political strategist part of me wonders why the Obama Administration would put Democrat against Democrat with his full authority to diminish Speaker Pelosi. Why are many calling for her resignation since there is a vast chasm between what the CIA , Pelosi, and others are saying happened in those meetings, I feel that political expediency to “get rid” of the speaker and to install another weaker speaker who will be more committed to the President is part of a political agenda..

While we all hope that our Government works honestly and for the people. The real issue is pushing agendas and gaining power. The Obama administration now has both houses of Congress and will soon have additional power in the Judicial branch. He is working quickly while he is still a popular to get his agendas presented and passed before the 2010 election. With Pelosi out of the way, he could have a weak speaker who will just allow his full agenda to pass with little or no debate as was the case on the stimulus package. The Obama Motto is, “Never allow a crisis go to waste”. The Pelosi affair is another crisis the Administration will use to it’s advantages to tie up all branches of government to push his socialist agenda.

I say, to my fellow conservatives, Stop will the calls for Speaker Pelosi to resign.  Allow her to continue her term.  There is a better day to fight and it is in 2010 where Speaker Pelosi becomes a liability for the democrats and will be a weapon for the Republicans.

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