Tea Party Movement: Astro-Turf, Sexually Perverted, UnHealthy, Mentally Ill, Right-Wing Extremists

Speaker Pelosi calls Tea Party Movement “Astro-Turf” meaning fake grassroots as it is financed by Big Business and Public Relations Firms.

CNN Reporter injects self into the Story. A Journalism No No. Calls Tea parties Anti-Government and CNN

Rep. Schakowsky (D-IL) Calls Tea Parties “Despicable’ and “Shameful”

For Immediate Release:
April 15, 2009
Contact: Trevor Kincaid
(202) 226-6898
Schakowsky Statement on ‘Tax Day Tea Parties’
Schakowsky Calls Parties “Despicable’ and “Shameful”
CHICAGO, IL (April 15, 2009) – Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-IL, released the following statement in response to “tea parties” being held on Tax Day. “The ‘tea parties’ being held today by groups of right-wing activists, and fueled by FOX News Channel, are an effort to mislead the public about the Obama economic plan that cuts taxes for 95 percent of Americans and creates 3.5 million jobs. It’s despicable that right-wing Republicans would attempt to cheapen a significant, honorable moment of American history with a shameful political stunt. Not a single American household or business will be taxed at a higher rate this year. Made to look like a grassroots uprising, this is an Obama bashing party promoted by corporate interests, as well as Republican lobbyists and politicians.”

Janeane Garofalo calls teabaggers “racist rednecks” and Mentally Ill

Being called Mentally Ill by Garofalo is like being called a Killer by Hitler

Janeane Garofalo Might want to meet Katrina Pierson

Katrina Pierson, a young mother who spoke at the Dallas Tea Party, sends a clear message to race-card playing twits like Janeane Garofalo: “Not all of us are hypnotized.” (source- Malkin)

Rachel Maddow’s ‘Teabagging’ Jokes – Maddow’s uses sexual innuendo about Tea Party Movement. While we will not define “teabagging” within the body of this post. You may find a definition here

The Obama Administartion in it’s attempt at Universal healthcare has called the Tea Party Movement, ‘unhealthy’

Senior White House adviser David Axelrod on Sunday suggested the “Tea Party” movement is an “unhealthy” reaction to the tough economic climate facing the country.Axelrod was asked on CBS’s “Face the Nation” about the “spreading and very public disaffection” with the president’s fiscal policies seen at the “Tea Party” rallies around the country last week.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Leaks a Memo See Here days before the National Tea Parties take place that allude to Tea Party goes as Right-Wing Extremists. Another story by the North East Intelligence Network stated that the FBI will put The Tea Party Rallies under surveillance.

To Be fair to the Left. The DHS also put out a Left-Wing extremist memo that asserts cyber attacks in the Future. So while The Right-Wing extremists are busy overthrowing the Government, the Left is screwing with your computer.


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