Zinkham still at Large following 3 shooting Deaths in Athens, GA

By Albert N. Milliron

Update: April 26, 2009 1218 ET – 24 hours following the shooting, George Zinkhan is still on the loose.  He has not used credit cards, a Passport, or his cell phone.  A BOLO (Be on the Look out For) has been issued to Airport authorities as the Suspect has a Home in Amsterdam, Netherlands and relatives in Austin, Texas.  Mourners have begun to bring flowers to the Athens Community Theater in a Makeshift Memorial for the 3 victims: Marie Bruce, 47, Ben Teague, 63, and Tom Tanner  

A day after three adults were killed and two others injured in a shooting police say was delivered by University of Georgia marketing professor George M. Zinkhan III, friends remember the three victims described as the heart and soul of the Town & Gown Players community theatre in Athens. As of Sunday morning, police continue to search for Zinkhan.


Update: April 26, 2009 0935 ET

As of 9 a.m. Sunday morning, Officials said they have not received any tips locating Zinkhan, nor have they had any hits on his cell phone, ATM use, credit card or passport.

Update: April 26, 2009 0307 ET

Athens — Hours later, the prime suspect in a triple murder in Athens is still on the loose.

Listen to the Man Hunt Via  Athens-Clarke County Police:

Original Story Line:

The University of Georgia (UGA) website has alerted students to be on the look out for one of their own professors.  UGA students were sent text alerts that George Zinkhan, 57,  is being sought in connection with killing 3 people at the off campus Athens Community Theater.  Another student was shot and has been sent to a local hospital.  The professor is considered to be armed an dangerous and anyone who comes in contact with him should not approach but contact authorities immediately.

Politisite will be following the story and updates as appropriate will be forthcoming.

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