SC Congressman Barrett Introduces ‘TEA Act’ to cut 500 Billion


cinci Tea Party

cinci Tea Party

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Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett seems to be responding to the Tea Party Movements desire to get the Government out of the way of private business and calls for reduced spending in Washington by introducing moments ago the, ‘Tea Act’ that reduces spending by over 520  billion dollars.  This comes just 15 days before the nearly 500 tax day tea party events across America.  Many are surprised that,  the often difficult to organize,  grassroots conservatives, are coming out in force to protest in public against the multi-trillion dollar budget of the Obama Administration has proposed.

Barrett Introduces TEA Act

Today, Congressman Gresham Barrett introduced the Taxpayer Empowerment and Advocacy Act – or the TEA Act for short. 

The TEA Act will:

  • Save taxpayers $520 billion over the next five years by reducing government
  • Limit the growth rate of government to inflation
  • Strenghten the definition of emergency spending to prevent abuse and
  • Require PAYGO for all new mandatory spending programs.

I believe the TEA Act will set Congress on a new, more accountable course while protecting the taxpayers’ best interests. I encourage you to let your friends and family know about this common sense bill that will save us more than half a trillion dollars over the next five years.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this legislation. Logon to my blog by clicking here and let me know what you think.


Click here to read more about the TEA Act.

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