Obama’s Teleprompter Woes cause Late Nite ribbing by Leno


Obama Teleprompter Woes | Photo 02

Obama Teleprompter Woes | Photo 02

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Jay Leno Monologue • Tonight Show • 09-17-2008

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Jay Leno Monologue • Tonight Show • 09-17-2008

Obama’s Campaign made fun of John McCain for being electronically challenged.  But by being so he doesn’t need a working teleprompter to give a speech.  In jest the right leaning blogs have been talking about a new vast Right Wing Conspiracy by slipping GOP talking points into one of  the Teleprompter Dependent President’s Speeches. 

As Obama walks on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening,  it has been reported that the writers have slipped in a few ribs about Obama’s recent Teleprompter challenges.

As you probably know, President Obama is taking a lot of ribbing over his use of a teleprompter. And we’re guessing Jay Leno is going to bring it up tonight.

But it’s fair game. Come on, he used one at a rodeo!


You heard about the teleprompter snafu that happened a couple days ago at the White House?

Well, Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen got up to speak following President Obama’s remarks and the new script wasn’t loaded into the teleprompter.

No matter to Cowen, he just started giving President Obama’s remarks.

“We begin by welcoming today a strong friend of the United States,” Cowen began welcoming himself.

About 20 seconds later he realized he was giving the wrong speech. You can read the whole story here.

So what is Obama going to say on Leno Thursday night? Geithner is doing an “outstanding job”

(Newser) – President Obama played the role of talk-show guest tonight with Jay Leno, mixing in jokes about his bowling game (up to 129) and Final Four picks (all from swing states) with a lengthy discussion of fiscal policy, the New York Times reports. He professed himself “stunned” by the AIG bonuses, railed against Wall Street ethics, and said embattled Treasury chief Tim Geithner is doing an “outstanding job.”


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