Power to the People: NowPublic.com Nominated for Emmy Award

NowPublic.com Nominated for Emmy Award




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Kudos to all the staff and contributors at NowPublic for Emmy Nomination

  NowPublic,a citizen journalist site, is among the nominees for Advanced Media: Interactivity. It marks the first time in Emmy history for a user-generated news site to earn such a nomination.
While there’s no specific date or story to mark the official birth “citizen journalism”, NowPublic deserves credit for providing passionate and resourceful independent  reporters the tools the the site to publish their original material to a mass audience.

Based in Vancouver, NowPublic publishes stories from thousands of contributors, with reporters in more than 5,500 cities and 160 countries.   Established media eventually followed their lead and cable news networks integrated citizen reports into their daily broadcasts, such as  I-report on CNN.

Leonard Brody, co-founder and CEO of NowPublic, believes the nomination legitimizes citizen journalism as an integral modern source for  news.


2009 NY Emmy Awards Nominations
NowPublic Nominated for Emmy Award

From Twitter- More details on NowPublic’s Emmy nomination http://is.gd/jjIn (PDF), for social media aggregating technology Scan http://is.gd/jjJy

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