What drops from the Sky on New Years? You will be Surprized!


New York Times Square 2009 Ball Drop

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uploaded by politisite

New York Times Square 2009 Ball Drop


New years -Photo-05

New years -Photo-05

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In the United States most viewers watch the Ball drop in New York City but for many small towns other objects are dropped at the stroke of Midnight.  In Atlanta, for example, the Giant peach descends down a pole to light up the new year.  Here are some of the oddest objects dropped on New Years in America.  

TripAdvisor named Bethlehem, Pa.’s Peep Show as No. 2 in its list of “Top 10 Quirkiest New Year’s Eve Events.” Bethlehem’s First Night event is ranked No. 2 for its tradition of dropping a 25-pound fiberglass Peep in the countdown to midnight.

According to TripAdvisor, here are the Top 10 Quirkiest New Year’s:

1.    Triple Crown: Key West, Florida
Featuring three free countdown celebrations, the toughest decision for New Year’s in Key West is whether to watch the conch, drag queen, or pirate wench descend at midnight.  The revelrous Duval Street hosts two of the celebrations, including the 16th annual conch shell drop from the roof of Sloppy Joe’s Bar and the lowering of a local legend, Drag Queen Sushi, in her glittering six-foot tall red high-heel shoe at the Bourbon Street Pub. 

2.    Peep Show: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Although Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is widely recognized for its Christmas attractions, the city’s New Year’s Eve Peep drop has been a sweet tradition for three years running.  During Bethlehem’s First Night celebration, a 25-pound fiberglass illuminated Peep is dropped from a crane at midnight. 

3.    A Fish Story: Port Clinton, Ohio
Each year, thousands of people from across the U.S. descend on the small town of Port Clinton, Ohio for the free “Madness at Midnight Walleye Drop.”  Now in its 14th year, the self-proclaimed “Walleye Capital of the World” drops a 20-foot,
600-pound fiberglass walleye fish named Wylie from the sky at midnight. 

Please click on the Source link to see the rest of the story.  If you have a special ball drop in your town, please share with NowPublic and Politisite readers in the comments section.  Have a Happy New Year!

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