The Top 10 Political Technology Stories of 2008


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2008 added several political mile stones. When Howard Dean used the internet to raise record money for his Presidential bid the Internet became the new frontier for Politicians  to challenge.  This year represented some of the greatest feats from using Twitter to raise money for a candidate, to internet radio interviews, to on the spot updates from the House floor.  This writer used the internet for the first time to live blog the debates across the southern United States.  Four Years ago, Politisite used the internet to update election returns nearly real time.  This article rounds up the best in Political use of Technology for 2008.

very New Year marks one of the most fascinating times in the news: the yearly wrap-up, in which the top 10 stories/events in a particular category of the past year are featured. Today, we’re going to hop on that bandwagon as we present the Top 10 Political Technology Stories of 2008.

10. Senate Candidate Raises Money via Twitter

Chuck Devore, Candidate for U.S. Senate

Chuck Devore, who is running to unseat Senator Barbara Boxer in 2010, took an innovative approach to online fundraising. He created a Twitter-based fundraising drive called TweetForChuck. TechPresident took note of this unique effort, commenting:

And while the donations are small in number (about 70 at press time) and amount (most are $20 or under), the project is cleverly attempting to build a tweeting web by, for example, tying contributors to those who led them to the Tweet for Chuck project. This is well worth keeping an eye on.

Please read the full article to see the other top 9

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