Caylee Anthony. Remains ID’d as those of missing toddler


Caylee is dead

Casey Anthony’s defense team: Caylee is dead

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The five-month mystery ended today when authorities confirmed that skeletal remains discovered in woods last week belong to the missing two-year-old girl.

WESH in Orlando has Updated it’s story with a portion of News Conference statements

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office revealed Friday that the remains found near the Anthony home last Thursday are in fact those of Caylee Marie Anthony.Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia, the medical examiner, made the announcement during a 2 p.m. news conference. She said the identification was made through DNA match at the FBI lab in Virginia. She said the death was by homicide, but she is not able yet to say how the child was killed.Garavaglia said the remains were bones only. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary declined to say what, if anything, else was found at the scene.

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