Dana Perino Has Her Own ‘Shoe-Shiner’ See Photos




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Some are calling the, “Shoe Fly” incident a victimless crime. Not so as White House Press Secretary Dana Perino  has a Shiner from the Shoe.  One calls this assault.  While Left leaning blogs and the Shoe Punsters laugh about the incident, tring to harm the President and Injuring a Government official is a major crime in Bagdad, not funny.  Had this Happened to Saddam?  Hanging or Firing Squad!

I was excited when I thought of the, “shoe shiner” title but, The puns have been flying at a quick ducking rate.  I was preempted by many blogs and news sites.  To be fair I have added the MSNBC story.  

Perino is sporting a black-eye — she calls it her “shoe-venir”; others have dubbed it a “shoe-shiner.”
Perino was sitting to the President’s right with other administration officials. Beside her was the U.S. interpreter and his microphone, which was on a “boom” stand — a long pole atop a vertical stand that swivels around.

When Mr. Bush’s lead agent leapt up after the first shoe was thrown, he hit the stand, sending it swiveling. Perino had her eyes on Bush, didn’t see it coming and … well, boom.

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