Pikens Plan- Obama Names Energy Team

T. Boone Pickens Sent out this letter regarding Obams Energy Team Picks

Some big pieces of the puzzle got put in place this afternoon. President-elect Obama named his Energy Team, including Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy and Carol Browner to lead the White House Council on Energy and the Environment.

Dr. Chu is a great choice – a Nobel Prize winner and big proponent of alternative fuels and energy efficiency. You already know how much I think of Carol Browner. I had an hour-long meeting with her earlier this month in Washington where she’s been heading up the Energy Transition Team for the President-elect.

I’ve met the President-elect. I know key members of his team. And they’re as serious about ending America’s dependence on foreign oil as you and I are. They’ve heard me loud and clear. Now they need to hear from you.

Click here to join your Pickens Plan District Group (and sign up to be the leader if there isn’t one already) so you can help bring in 500 more members to the New Energy Army in your Congressional District before Inauguration Day. Those first 100 days are right around the corner, and we need to hit the ground running!


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