Obama and Governor Blagojevich Appear together on November 11, 2008

Obama and Governor Blagojevich on Dec 2, 2008 by politisite
I added a photo of President Elect Obama and Governor Blagojevich.  The rational for posting it here is that it was taken on November 11, 2008.  Obama stated that he has had no contact with the Governor.  The photo appears to speak of another story.  In addition, Obama’s Chief Political Strategist David Axelrod  stated earlier that Obama had indeed been in contact with the Governor over campaign issues, but retracted these comments following the Governor’s arrest.  See the Photo Here  Does this photo mean anything to the story?  Only that Obama and Axelrod made contrasting statements.  The other question is what constitutes contact?  Remember in the Clinton Administration it all came down to what you definition of, “is” is. 

If Obama was able to get through this, and I will say it,  culture of corruption, then he is a great man indeed.  For all of us American’s I am hopeful he is the reformer that he campaigned on being not an insider in the political loop.  If not,  comparatively, the Bush years will look like a kindergartner disobeying his teachers instructions. 

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  1. it’s interesting how Blagojevich seems so unaffected by all the chaos swirling around him; it’s as if he feels right at home…

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