Should McCain / Obama Name Cabinet before Election?

Ayers, Acorn, and Voter Fraud all in the news to divert attention from the Issues.  One of the newest Buzz on the Net is that Candidates should tell the people what their cabinet would look like.  Folks feel like they could make an informed decision if they knew who would be the Secretary of State, Defense, Homeland Security, and economic advisers in the cabinet of Obama and McCain.  

Is it a good idea for Senators McCain and Obama to show their hands before the election?

John Kerry the next secretary of State?

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon?

Al Gore as Energy secretary?

These names and others are in the air as media speculation runs wild on the bipartisan “star” Cabinet Barack Obama has in mind if elected president. But some of these names might cost Obama votes in the key states he needs on Election Day, so Cabinet announcements will come after the votes are cast.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of U.S. voters say presidential candidates should announce at least some of their Cabinet choices before an election to help voters make a more informed decision.

Just 29% believe that’s not necessary, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Republicans and unaffiliated voters like the idea of Cabinet announcements before the election slightly more than Democrats. So do men voters compared to women.

Can John McCain lure Mayor Michael Bloomberg away from New York City to head the Treasury Department? Or Rudy Giuliani to be attorney general or secretary of Homeland Security?

After all, two-thirds of voters (66%) say the make-up of the Cabinet is Very important to the success of a presidential administration. Only one percent (1%) say the Cabinet choices are not important at all.

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